September 23, 2023

SEO For E-Commerce: How Can Your Store’s SEO Be Optimized?

An e-merchant needs to optimize the referencing of his online store to generate as much traffic as possible. Here are the SEO practices that e-commerce should implement example digital marketing for roofers:

Better User Experience, Another Big Lever?

We just saw that your online store must have meaningful content, significant text. But beware, many blocks of text are unlikely to please Internet users, and this can even scare them. What’s the use of attracting traffic, too, if Internet users leave when they discover your store?

To be sure that this is not the case, you need to think about the “user experience” significantly since this will also positively affect your SEO e-commerce. Here’s a valuable tip:

Make textual content more “digestible.” Although we have seen before that a good product description should be up to 1000 words, it can seem like a lot to the Internet user, especially if this textual content is not the only one.

In addition, divide your content into several tabs (overview, user guide, technical characteristics, delivery, return policy) to avoid huge blocks. Create a hierarchy within the tabs using the title, introduction, subtitles, paragraphs, etc. In addition, it should allow you to place the call-to-action buttons that are essential to your goal of making the sale.

Use photos and videos. The presence of photos and also videos are essential to optimize the experience of your website visitors. Internet users want to see what they want to buy from all angles. Therefore, be sure to offer high-quality photos with zoom capabilities. Take the opportunity to boost your B2B SEO agency by adding good keywords to your images. Also, please pay attention to the download speed of the page, which can influence its ranking.

The video content is also crucial. Not only is it the one that generates the most traffic, but also the one that generates the most conversions, which seems to be essential for an e-commerce site. In addition, your product pages must include videos that can, for example, take the form of a demonstration of the items sold. These videos will benefit your SEO, as they will contribute to greater engagement and increase the average duration of visits to your pages.

Offer Internet users the opportunity to personalize your products. To create engagement and increase the average time spent viewing your pages, why not allow Internet users to personalize their future purchases? It depends, of course, on the type of product sold.

Optimize the experience of mobile users. When purchases are made more and more frequently from tablets or smartphones, your online store should offer mobile users an excellent user experience. This is even more important, as it will influence your store’s SEO.

Google effectively penalizes sites that have not played a mobile optimization game. Likewise, it punishes pages that are too slow to load on mobile devices and those that use (and abuse) intrusive pop-ups. It is up to you to do everything you can to make mobile users want to buy from your e-commerce site.

Now it’s up to you to practice all the advice you offer and see for yourself the increase in traffic to your e-commerce site.