February 28, 2024

Huawei P30 Pro: Quad camera crushes the competition

Huawei, after its years of tinkering and iterations of the P series, introduced the best camera for phones on the market. The following year, in 2019, the P30 Pro started breaking the rule book and photography.

However, the Chinese company has been struggling to hold on to its crown of camera phone king, with Google introducing the incredible Night Sight mode on its Pixel phones and great on-device processing on its own. Your Galaxy S10 + and Oppo now show very similar technology on your Reno 10x Zoom.

However, the benefits of Huawei p30 pro breathing crystal doesn’t scoff. Of course, there have been trade war issues in the US that have caused people to resist the idea of ​​Huawei phones, because their newer phones , like the Mate 30 Pro and the follow-up to this revised phone, the P40 Pro , they cannot support Google Play services (ie not Play Store). But as that political pantomime is resolved, and we hope so, we continue to think of the P30 Pro as a great phone.

The thing is, Huawei’s 6.47-inch screen option is so large that this small blackout area at the top where the front camera is housed is hardly noticeable. Flip a coin, it’s actually six out of half a dozen of the other, and we’ve hardly noticed the difference between this and a hole-punch camera like the one you’ll find on, say, the One Plus 8 .

It’s 4,200 mAh, which is excellent, given how well the Mate 20 Pro demonstrated in terms of performance with the same battery capacity.

However, that larger screen has a narrow aspect ratio so it’s easy to hold and puts it on par with the other large screens we’re looking at, take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S20 + as an obvious example. , including Huawei’s own curved edge Tracking P40 Pro.

Imagine being able to watch sharper Netflix streams or enlarge those photos with extra eye-catching detail? Samsung offers 3200 x 1440 resolution on its S20 + (even the comparison at the time with the S10 + was higher), which is turned off by default for battery life. For the best of both worlds, going in high resolution only when it is really needed or requested.

Through time and technological advancements, experts had been primarily concerned with performance, capacity, and features, yet they had forgotten a small but important detail; design!

The creators of the Huawei P30 series did take it into account, and this has been one of the qualities that attracts the most attention, since its design is a combination of super relaxing blues in three versions that change depending on where you look at it; something really beautiful even for those clinging to buy black phones.