February 28, 2024

Ways to make a logo

A logo is a unique sign that belongs to the company and is its business card. The logo is the face of a product or company, associated with the products and services provided. Evaluating this sign, the consumer receives basic essential information about the company. It performs several functions:

  • The main purpose of the logo is the identification of products (services). For buyers and business partners, it evokes clear associations with the company’s product, its quality and style.
  • Thanks to the logo, people remember the company. After seeing the advertising of the company’s products, the buyer pays attention to the logo. He recognizes the symbol in retail outlets and purchases products with a high degree of probability.
  • The logo reflects the company’s values and encourages customers to purchase its products.
  • The trademark promotes greater customer and partner loyalty. If a company has managed to create a positive image, people will have pleasant associations when they see a trademark. They will make an effort to purchase name-brand goods, reach beneficial agreements with the business, and refer the latter to their friends.
  • Companies strive to create their own logo to protect the goods from counterfeiting.

Ways to create a logo online

Currently, you can use a variety of ways to create a logo. When the logo design idea is ready, it remains to solve one of the most important questions: how to create a logo? To make the task easier, it is worth exploring each option for creating a logo:

  1. Order from the designer. Of course, most designers have the necessary specialized education, which ensures a high-quality result. But you should be prepared for the fact that the human factor can play an unpleasant joke on you — your freelance designer may get sick, refuse to work or simply not get in touch for a long time. This creates certain inconveniences.
  2. Hold an auction-tender. The price for this method of logo development is variable, but in general it costs about $ 100-200. You can get the finished result in about 2-4 days. Having created a clear task, you need to specify the price and wait for the designers to complete this task. You will pay one or more winners whose work you like, but even if there are no such winners, you still have to pay the best.
  3. Use the Turbologo online editor. Online editors are tools for creating logos without spending much money and time. Any icons, fonts and colors from the database are available to you, but it is impossible to make edits to them. One of the most frequently used editors is Turbologo. A simple service, where no special design skills are required, will allow you to create the desired logo in a matter of time. The service instantly offers a wide range of logos on any subject that can be generated endlessly. At the same time, it is easy to change any of the signs you like down to the smallest details.
  4. GENLOGO. GENLOGO logo generator is developed by specialists thanks to which you will be able to create a unique logo for your business from scratch. This program is a simple tool that brings excellent results. You won’t need any design skills.
  5. Hatchful. It’s pretty easy to make your brand name on Hatchful. To do this, you first need to specify the startup’s area of work, choose an imaginative style, add naming and mark the place where the logo is used. The service will generate dozens of options, from which it will only be necessary to choose the appropriate one. If desired, you can change the colors and font in the design of the sign you like, and then download it.


Creating an attractive logo can be a daunting task if you’re not sure what you want to achieve with it in the long run for your brand. Logo development should never be rushed, and emphasis should be placed on creating a design that fits well with the target audience and the types of services and products offered by the brand. This approach will help you bring a unique personality to the design and highlight the logo.