February 28, 2024

Understand What is Mulesoft Technology 

Mulesoft Technology is a flexible and scalable application that enables organizations to collect, analyze and act on business intelligence information effectively. It can be used by various businesses, whether consulting companies, banks, or the NHS.

The first layer is a web-based user interface (UI) called MobileFirst Platform. The MobileFirst UI allows users to interact and choose from available applications, set up workflows, and perform tasks such as creating data access points, creating new forms and reports, and creating custom connectors. Also, from this module, users can update their applications’ deployment and get full backend access. It is possible to develop basic segmentation models using the latest MuleSoft Decision Server (MSDS) or to analyze your data using any tool that connects with it.

The second layer is the front end, a backend database, and a relational data store. Mule-soft has chosen to use Oracle as its backend database solution because of its popularity and because it offers a complete open-source database with all the tooling required by the developer community. If your company already uses Oracle, building a new application will save you time and money.

The third layer is Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, standard tools such as Tableau, Qlikview, and business intelligence tools from other vendors. These tools help businesses give insights into their data using graphs that can be manipulated by advanced users who understand the data surrounding them.

The fourth layer is called Mule-soft Decision Server. This engine is responsible for analyzing the information in the database and preparing reports and data access points to analyze the results. The decision server has a set of data connectors to connect to existing or legacy solutions.

Mulesoft has the MuleSoft Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), which the Mobile First UI uses to communicate with the Decision Server. Using this layer, you can create new applications that communicate with other applications and services and provide a flexible API for data connectivity, service integration, and data security.

The Advanced Analytics module’s fifth layer allows users to import machine learning algorithms directly into their workflows. It enables the creation of advanced predictive models quickly and easily by anyone, including business analysts who may have yet to gain experience in machine learning algorithms. This layer is built on top of Apache Spark machine learning framework, which offers advanced analytics services.

Lastly, a layer acts as middleware, helping integrate front-end applications and other systems, such as mobile applications and desktop computers. It also provides security so that every app has a secure connection to the application. The MobileFirst Platform consists of a REST API for external integration scenarios and an iOS client for accessing data from any iOS device.