December 3, 2023

How to make an effective survey?

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In this article, we will tell you how to create a survey, how to find an audience, and what mistakes to avoid so that your research gives real results.

Select target

The goal might be to test a particular hypothesis or update that you want to add to the product. Or you want to do some research and see how popular your new feature is. But remember: there should be only one goal. Focus your questions on one topic or issue. Otherwise, you risk getting a lot of heterogeneous and completely useless data.

Get the questions right

There are situations in which open-ended questions are inevitable and necessary. For example, if you’re doing a survey about a new feature and you get a “don’t like” response. To find out why the user is unhappy, you can add an open question. An effective survey maker will help you improve the functionality and, perhaps, find new ideas and growth points.

What else to remember when writing questions?

  • Avoid double negatives in the question.
  • Don’t try to ask two questions in one, better break it up.
  • Try to structure the survey so that one question flows smoothly from the previous one. If necessary, combine them into blocks.

Limit the polling time

Be sure to calculate the time spent on the survey. You need to try to keep it within five minutes, but less is better. Warn the user at the beginning of the survey how long the test will take. If you indicate that the survey will take “only five minutes”, you will immediately win over the respondent and show that you value his time. He will understand that he has five minutes and is more likely to pass the survey. But if your survey takes an indefinite amount of time, most likely you will be ignored.