February 28, 2024

Haystack News for Fire TV

Do you still sit in Infront of a television and watch any news they show you? Now the world is moving towards a concept called “news personalization.” Simply put, you can easily customize news categories, topics, and sources to receive only the most relevant news.

The Haystack News app is an app we must remember when it comes to news personalization. It brings personalized local news clips, global news clips, and live news streams for free. Below are some of the channels Haystack News has partnered with now.

Live Stream – ABC News, Yahoo Finance, CBS News, Al Jazeera, Euronews.

Global Stream – CBC News, France24, Euronews.

Local News – WCBS, NBC Nebraska, KIVI.

(These local channels are USA-based local channels. It would be a real game changer if they join with more local news channels worldwide.)

Haystack supports Android and iOS mobile devices and smart TVs like Roku tv, Samsung tv, apple tv box, and amazon tv. Chromecast can display it on your television too!

Inside the Haystack News app

After installing the app, users can select their favourite categories. (Weather, Science & Technology News, International News, Politics, Business & Finance News are some of them). Users can then select their preferred topics, sources, and location to get a personalized newscast quickly. (Users can change these settings later)

Clicking the like button will bring you more related videos. Choosing favourite hashtags will help the app bring relevant videos more accurately. Users can toggle between sections on the app’s main tab while watching a news clip in full-screen or floating window mode. This scrollable tab consists of useful sections like ‘’Liked videos’’, ‘’Editors Picks’’ and ‘’Watch Offline’’.

Users can set to receive notifications for breaking news and can also set videos to play automatically after opening the app. Haystack’s short learning curve helps the app compete with apps like NewsOn.

The slightly outdated UI, lack of sports news, and lack of mainstream channels like CNN/Fox News have negatively affected the app. Sharing our opinions on the news is impossible; It would be great if the app had a comment section.

Premium Version of Haystack News

Haystack News offers a free trial period of 30 days for the premium version. After that, they charge 4.99$ as a monthly subscription. This subscription allows you to access driving mode, remove ads (Not for live streams) and watch news offline.

Haystack has several not-so-unique features to make the app an all-in-one version. User comments and high ratings confirm how much people love this over their traditional way of watching the news. So, we can easily conclude that Haystack is doing an excellent job as an alternative for the cable tv news sector.

Install Haystack News on Fire TV

Fire TV Stick and Fire TV cube does not support Google play store. Therefore, it is hard to install Play Store applications on Fire TV. You can use Applinked app, Filesynced app, Unlinked app or Aptoide TV app instead of Amazon App Store. Those are best available TV app stores for free.

First download and install Unlinked app. Then find popular Unlinked codes to access Unlinked stores. Search and install this app. Same with Filesynced apk.