February 28, 2024

Considering Divorce? Here’s How a Divorce Attorney can Help You

If you have decided to end your marriage and filed a divorce, you may think that you don‘t need a divorce lawyer to represent you during the legal proceedings. You believe this can save you money and time. But, did you know that hiring a sandy divorce lawyer will give you many benefits?

Divorce is a complicated process and an experienced lawyer will give guidance. You will need to make many decisions that will impact the rest of your life. Often, emotions overwhelm you and affect your ability to make informed decisions. A sandy divorce lawyer will have your best interest in mind, reducing your worries and stress. Keep reading to know how your divorce lawyer can help you:

Handling a Contested Divorce

A contested divorce happens when spouses can’t agree on major issues to successfully end their marriage. Because of the many considerations couples need to keep in mind and issues to resolve as they try to end their marriage, they end up with this type of divorce. If you and your spouse can’t reach an agreement on issues related to your divorce, you need an attorney to give you sound legal advice and representation.

Helping with Mediation

Many couples agree to go through mediation during a divorce. With mediation, couples can save money on legal fees and avoid engaging in court battles with a person they used to love. The process has become a requirement in many jurisdictions to resolve the couple’s differences before they appear in court. 

Mediation is meant to resolve issues outside of the courtroom. A mediator, who can be a divorce attorney, negotiates a settlement agreement. Unlike a lawsuit, mediation does not determine the winner or loser. Rather, it helps couples come up with a solution that works for both of them. 

Often, divorcing couples attend a lot of sessions before they reach an agreement. If they fail to reach an agreement during mediation, couples can return to the traditional process where their attorneys engage in negotiations and litigation for them. An experienced attorney can help their client understand their legal rights during the entire divorce process.

Helping You Get and Keep Custody of Your Children

In a contested divorce, you may have to go to hell and back to obtain and keep custody of your beloved children. When the court determines who should get custody, they consider factors such as financial position, employment, and other responsibilities that could take away time for taking care of your children. Your attorney will ensure your interests and rights as a parent are protected.