December 3, 2023

Where to Ideally Place Cameras for A Business’ Surveillance?

A business solely demands CCTV installations to prevent thefts and to monitor employee behaviors. These cameras will not serve the right purpose if the placement is wrong in the first place. Businesses have specific locations where installing the cameras would record the best and to achieve the best coverage, refer to the installation location ideas put down below:

Entrances & Exits

One must always have these cameras installed well at every entrance and at the exit with the maximum coverage. It is important to capture who comes in and goes out. It is to make sure that even if the cameras inside are not able to capture the imposters well, the cameras at the terminals would be able to do so.

Cash Registers

Cash registers are a very important place to install your cameras. These being the easiest targets for thefts, securing them becomes very important both from customers and employees. The installation level should be with the face and should not be mounted any higher. Higher placements will make it more difficult to identify faces.


Besides cash registers, inventories and warehouses are easy targets of theft. Installing cameras at every nook and corner of your stockroom with full coverage can easily help you track down if inventories go missing. There will also be proof of anyone not tampering with the stocks and damaging them. You can reduce your shrinkage costs and also can record any accidents happening there.

Parking Lots

Having to secure the outsides is equally important as securing the insides. Parking lots are another hotspots for accidents, damages, and thefts. Car thefts, car accidents, and aggravated assaults are only a few forms of troubles you can face there. Having installed the cameras will only increase the sense of security among your customers.

Stairs & Elevators

Many businesses think these to be non-essential areas because of the lesser foot-falls but these areas are also susceptible to accidents and other mishaps. These are also great hiding spots and having surveillance here is important.


The secluded and dark areas also invite crime. Robberies or assaults are common here and hence this is important to have cameras here too. Any security breaches will not go unnoticed if you have the exteriors covered.

Having surveillance at the wrong places is like not having surveillance at all. Hence, refer to this guide before you plan installations.