What is Web hosting? Everything You Should Know: Beginner’s Guide


So you are looking to build a new website and must have read somewhere that you need web hosting too apart from a domain to run your website.

And now all of this has baffled you up!


In this article, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about web hosting without making it too much complicated.

Web hosting

What is web hosting?

Take it this way, imagine you are looking to sell products online and has already decided a name for your business.

That business name is your Domain name.

But to sell and show your products to consumers, you have to set your products on a social media platform or on some e-commerce website.

So anything that is helping you to showcase your content (products from the example) to people(consumers) using your domain name (business name) is Web hosting.

See? it was not that difficult!

Web hosting is an Internet service that makes your website visible to the world on the Internet.

How does Web hosting work?

Web hosting companies provides an amount of required space on their server to be used by their clients.

This amount of required space depends on the size of your business and website.

For instance, your new start-up website may require 3-10GB of Storage.

You can upgrade your storage capacity anytime whenever you feel that it is not enough for you.


Thankfully, web hosting these days is super cheap and one can get web hosting for as low as $1 that too from a trusted web hosting company and SSD type storage.

SSD type storages are much faster than usual HDD type storages.

Types of Hosting

There are more than 10 Types of hostings available out there. But as you are just a beginner and we have promised to not to make it complicated, we will be talking about top 5 major and widely used hosting types.

Spoiler alert: If you are a beginner, concentrate more on Cloud hosting and Shared web hosting whichever fits in your budget.


Shared web hosting service

This is the most common web hosting server as they are super affordable and easy to manage for beginners.

But of course, it has its own pros and cons.

So what actually is shared web hosting service?

Basically, the web hosting company places many websites on a same server.

Which means that all those websites placed on the same server, will share the same resources like CPU and RAM too.

But the problem with this is that many websites are on the same server, if anyone one of those websites suddenly receives too much traffic which is causing a heavy load on the server, it will result on slowing down other websites too by a huge margin.

Also, in case of any data breach on a server will result in leaking all of the data of all websites which were running on that server.

Reseller Hosting

This type of hosting will allow you to host your website by yourself. Such hostings have their own virtual servers connected to other servers.

Cloud Hosting

One of the best and affordable hosting available out there. Any website which is running on cloud hosting will be much more reliable than other types of hosting as everything is being processed using the cloud.

Such type of hosting is decentralized.

Although there are privacy concerns, buying from a reputed hosting provider should not result in such issues.

Virtual Dedicated Server (VPS)

In this, the actual server resources are divided into different virtual servers, so that resources can be allocated without directly reflecting the actual hardware.

Dedicated Hosting Service

As the name goes, a user will get a dedicated server and will also have full control over it including administrator access for windows.

This type of hosting can also be easily purchased online without any additional work needed but are not suggested for beginners.

Do note that the user is completely responsible for the working and security of the dedicated server.

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