Top Google Chrome Alternatives to Increase Your Productivity!


As you have landed here, am pretty sure that you are looking for some cool browsers which can be used as an alternative to Google Chrome.

Undoubtedly Chrome is one of the fastest and Best Browser out there, but the fact that it lacks a lot of features and restriction on using ad blockers make it Unusable to some people.

You might be one of them!

So in this article, we are going to find out the best browsers available and We won’t be talking about Mozilla Firefox and Opera as they are too mainstream these days.


Brave browser is the best alternative to Chrome. It is based on Chromium so the UIĀ  is very much similar to UI that of Chrome. Now the developers have really worked hard to Create an Elegant UI at the same time which doesn’t make it look like a complete copy of Chrome.

Apart from that, Brave does come with the support for Chrome Extensions. Meaningly your chrome extensions will work as smooth they were on Chrome. Not only that, there are a lot of features such as inbuilt ad blocking, Integrated TOR Browser to maintain privacy, trackers blockers, font customizations and tons of themes.

All of this comes without compromising performance.

It is one of the fastest chromium-based browsers you can ever Install on your Windows PC and is available for Android As well.

You can also sync up your bookmarks, passwords, and history with your earlier chrome browser so you are not missing on anything.

Brave also offers brave Rewards,if you disable the ad blocker on certain websites to support web Developers and website owners as well.

Also, Brave is a lot lesser Ram Hungry compared to Chrome.

brave browser
Brave Browser

Edge (Chromium Based)

Brave browser is all good, but it doesn’t sync your data from multiple devices in real-time. If you are not ok with that, Edge is the best alternative.

The newest version of Edge is based on Chromium and comes directly from Microsoft.

Microsoft claims it to be faster, efficient and saves battery as well.

One thing to note is that this Browser is in Beta as of now, so there might be some bugs.

This Chromium-based browser is Super Optimized to compete with Chrome and Microsoft has done some really good job.

Edge Chromium Based

Opera Browser(Updated)

You might have already used an Opera browser but this updated one is a little bit different.

Though we still suggest you to use Brave browser, it doesn’t offer inbuilt International VPN. You can do that by Using Extensions but some people just don’t want to do that.

For them, Opera Updated Version can be a lifesaver. With inbuilt International and Free VPN, this browser also made it to our list.

A very practical browser which is fast, reputed, safe and also comes with real-time sync from multiple devices.

You should definitely have a look at this as well if you need to have Inbuilt free VPN.


Our Opinions

So what do we think is that, If you need an overall Best alternative to Chrome without compromising on your privacy, then Brave is what you should go for.

But if you prefer Data syncing over multiple devices, Microsoft Edge (Chromium Based) is what you can get.

And by any rare chance, if Inbuilt international VPN is your priority, you can anytime download Opera Updated Version.

So which is your preferred browser?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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