Soundcore Life Note True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review

soundcore life note review

Looking to buy True Wireless Earphones under 5000 INR? SoundCore Life Note are the best options you can get as of now!

The SoundCore Life Note Wireless Bluetooth Earphones are the latest offering from Anker in India and have already received a lot of appreciation internationally.

It’s true that we didn’t have any good option to choose from when it comes to TWS earphones under 5000 INR, but now SoundCore has definitely changed the game.

SoundCore Life Note Review

Build Quality

Build quality is something that you won’t expect from any TWS under 5000 INR and especially when it is priced at just 3000 INR.

But here is the catch, SoundCore life note wireless Bluetooth earphones are Build Quality beast and offer the best build quality as of now in the market.

They are made up of Plastic, but the plastic is of really good build quality. Surely, they are nowhere near to Airpods but hey, you can get 5 Pairs of SoundCore life note at the price of just a single pair of Airpods.

But there are two major aspects where SoundCore life Note are better than Apple Airpods and we will talk about them later.

Battery Life

These earphones come with an 810 mAH of Battery which isn’t bad at all. Anker claims them to last 7 hours, and you can completely charge them about 5.5 Times using the provided case which results in 40 Hours of Battery Life.

Not only that, there is support for fast charging too, where these earphones will be charged for 1 Hour of usage with just 10-minutes of charging.

And most importantly, the case can be charged using any Type-C charging cable which is insane. As at least in India, there is literally no other option under the price tag of 3000 INR to offer Type-C Charging Port.

And here it even beats Apple Airpods. Type-C is definitely more future proof and versatile.

soundcore life note wireless earphones

Audio Quality

Audio Quality is the most important aspect of buying any earphone or headphone regardless of any other aspect. And one shouldn’t compromise when it comes to audio quality.

Thankfully, The SoundCore Life Note offers the best audio quality you can get as of now. They are better than RealMe Buds Air when it comes to the overall sound signature. And even better than Apple Airpods in terms of bass as Apple Airpods do lack bass which these earphones fulfil.

But you shouldn’t compare the audio of these to any other wired earphones. Surely wired earphones offer way better audio any day!


For the most part, connectivity isn’t going to be an issue. There wasn’t any casual audio delay while watching movies or songs. But for us, one of the earphones couldn’t be paired to another and we were left with just one earphone working at a time. To solve that, Put both the earphones in their case properly and Press the Primary button on both of them together for around 10-seconds or till the red light blinks 3-times.

This would remove all pairing and kind of reset the earphone. After proceeding with the step mentioned above, we were good to go and our set was working as fine as before.

Something to note that these types of issues are very common with truly wireless earphones and SoundCore Life Note is no exception.


Just Like every other wireless earphone out there, SoundCore life Note PUBG Mobile gameplay experience wasn’t good at all. There was a 2-second delay in audio which will definitely affect your gameplay negatively.

But hey, this issue is present on all wireless earphones out there and even on Apple AirPods.

soundcore life note pubg

Ease of Use

Here is a kind of disappointing part but it totally depends on personal preference.

Again, this part completely depends on personal preference and this may not be a deal-breaker for you.

While everything is seamless, we find the case design to be flawed. As we couldn’t open the case with just one single hand and you will have to use both of your hards to open the case. Not a major issue, but we did face it.

Pricing and Availability

The SoundCore Life Note are priced at 3000 INR in India and about 50 USD in the US. You can get one of those from your nearest Walmart if living in the USA. Whereas Indians can purchase them online from Flipkart.


What’s a True Cherry on top of a cake?  We would say, the fact that all of that good audio quality, build quality and battery life is protected by the company for next 18-months format he date of purchase is literally amazing. Though we haven’t tested the after-sale support as of now still, 18-months is a long time.

Which says that the company actually believes in the quality of their product.

Market Competition

For the Price of 3000 INR, SoundCore Life Note earbuds directly compete with Blaupunkt BTW01 Wireless earphones and Blaupunkt doesn’t stand a chance.

Forget Blaupunkt, SoundCore life note offers 4-microphones, Water Resistance, Quick charging, Type-C USB Port and Qualcomm AptX Support which literally no earphone offer.


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