Do Custom Skins/UI Worth It? AdUI and ColorOS are Future?

stock android

While Google is completely focused on providing a better user experience with each Android Update, Some Manufacturers claims it not to be stable and Lacks User-Experience.

Said No User ever, but Brands do make such claims :((ColorSh*tOS)!

Most brands will argue and claim their Custom UI being best in the market.

While some Custom Skins/UI do perform better in different segments, none of them is perfect.

So do they worth it?

We Will be talking about some Major Skins which smartphone Manufacturers offer over Android and will also be concluding at the end.


MIUI, The only custom skin/UI in the market with Millions of followers Worldwide.

The Concept of having a dedicated community was introduced by Xiaomi earlier ago with the aim of having a dedicated place to resolve consumers queries at one place.

MIUI is one of the most famous when it comes to battery life. Each of Xiaomi Phone is Deeply optimized despite having a heavy skin and Easily outstands every other smartphone in the market with 7-11Hours of Screen-On-Time.

This SOT isn’t common which Xiaomi has already mastered.

People do love the way that it can be customised without the need for Rooting their Smartphone.

At the same time, due to Quick Kernel Source releases, Stock Android ROMs are developed soon too, which widens the options for users.

Though it is also defamed as AdUi.
The fact that MIUI is known to shows ADs on System Apps like Settings, Homepage,etc.

While this thing can be turned off, Nobody wants hassle considering it to be a lengthy process for many beginner users.

Xiaomi is known to such issues and already resolved it in POCO F1, But only be resolved in other phones with MIUI 11 which is set to roll via OTA to users by October 2019.




Realme, An Indian Brand that attracted all the market attention as well as Major Market Shares within just 5 Months of their first smartphone launch.

Realme Focused on their phones being latest on technology, Powerful hardware and an OS that fits for consumers.

While this trick worked for them, ColorOS isn’t the custom Skin a true techie will prefer.

In fact, ColorOS is one of the worst custom Skins being offered by smartphone manufacturers as of now.

It makes the phone slow after a considerable amount of time, Lacks many Customer-centric features.

RealMe calls ColorOS as more stable than stock android and MIUI!

Now thats the Joke of the Year.

However, this isn’t the first time, Quick Success does make companies go bonkers!

ColorOS 5.0
ColorOS 5.0


There isn’t much to say about EMUI. If you are looking to purchase Huawei and Honor flagships, EMUI isn’t bad.

Though the ability of not being able to root is what it holds back for many users.

It is also said that with the latest update, Users won’t be able to use Custom Launchers.

That sounds awful but users are able to use Custom Launchers as of now.

EMUI 9.1
EMUI 9.1


We like to call it GodLevelOS! One of the finest Custom skins/UI being offered by smartphone manufacturers.

It is very close to stock android with the most important Customizations.OxygenOS can make any phone perform like a Flagship phone.

Earlier a Guy flashed OxygenOS on his Mi A1 that comes with Snapdragon 625 and it stood on par with OnePlus 6t in app opening times and some other aspects.

Its the Only Custom skin in the market about which we don’t have any complaint.

In fact, we salute OnePlus for developing such OS that just outperforms anything on its way.

OxygenOS by OnePlus
OxygenOS by OnePlus


There are obviously many other Custom skins/UI offered by manufacturers in the market but we obviously don’t consider them worthy enough to be in our list. Even ColorOS was included just to tell how worst it is so that Realme may opt for Stock Android.

Here is our ranking in terms of Smartphone software priority for us (1 Being the Best and 7 being the worst)

  1. OxygenOS
  2. Stock Android
  3. MIUI
  4. OneUI
  5. EMUI
  6. ColorOS
  7. FunTouchOS

So What do you think about various Smartphone skins/UI offered my Manufacturers?

let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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