The Only Problem with Realme Phones…

realme 3

Undoubtedly, Realme phones are one of the best out there and always known to provide value for money but there is one issue with them about which we will be talking in this article.

But before that, let us recall their top smartphones like Realme 1, Realme 2 pro and Realme 3 Pro – Phones which no other brand could compete with and outperformed every other device.

However, the only issue with them was ColorOS.

A UI that no one likes. Like Even MKBHD, Matthew, Austin and Lew hate MIUI.

ColorOS is just more worst version of MIUI.

Even with ColorOS, RealMe has somehow emerged as one of the top smartphones brands in India that too in a span of less than 6-Months.

Imagine what Realme can conquer with Stock Android in their phones.

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But RealMe is working hard, The all-new Realme 3 pro is receiving the beta update for Android Q Stock Android.

Now we are not sure about stable one, but if Realme confirms for an option to move to Android Q stock Android without bootloader unlock and hassle, Realme 3 pro can be the next big thing.

We wanted to Keep this article short so that even if the Realme Officials are Checking this out, they can get what we are talking about.

A lot of my friends and even I don’t prefer to have anything like ColorOS, FuntouchOS or MIUI. All we want is Stock Android.

So what do you think about Realme phones having stock Android?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!



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