Opera Gx Gaming Browser Launched! Better than Chrome?


Whenever it comes to interacting online, Browsers are what comes to your mind.

And if you reading this article, obviously you are familiar with browsers.

But you might have also heard about different browsers out there and might have thought about which one is the best among them!

Well if you are a Casual user, here is an article for you to check out!

But if you have below-average specs or is more of a tech geek interested in gaming as well, the all-new Opera GX can be the next big thing for you!

And there are certain features which makes it one of the best browsers out there not only for games but as well as for people with below-average specs PC.

Let’s have a look at them

Ram and CPU Usage Limiter

Honestly, this is one of the best feature out there which make me personally to try it out. You can set an amount of Ram and CPU to be used by your browser.

Why is it so underrated?

Well, let’s say you own an underpowered PC and wants to run some application simultaneously with the browser at the same time!

A browser like Chrome will eat your complete Ram and will definitely slow down your PC’s performance. After that forget about running any other program/ application with it.

But that’s not the case with Opera GX, having 4GB of Ram and if you know that you will be running other powerful programs at the same time, you can simply Restrict the Ram and CPU Power to be used by your browser.

This will make sure that you are not feeling your Desktop to be slow enough.

Stay in Touch with Gx Corner

As we said earlier that Opera has made Opera GX with Gaming as the main concern. And well if you are a gamer, Opera has included a dedicated section to check out the latest deals on games and even the latest news related to gaming.

They like to call it GX Corner.

And yes you can prioritize Deals and news on particular games too so that you don’t miss out deals on your favourite games.

GX Sound

Opera seems to have integrated and added some special sound effects and controls for the browser in collaboration with Mr Rubén Rincón and the band Berlinist.

Although as of now we, didn’t find any major difference or maybe we didn’t know the way to use it.

But that’s a feature Opera is mentioning so we thought to mention it as well.

Opera GX Design
Opera GX Design

Unique Layout

The design and overall theming of the browser are obviously made with keeping gamers in mind. This GX Design is new and something that hasn’t seen in any browser ever before or at least by default.

Opera has added some more customization options to choose from primary color and wallpaper with some presets as well.

So that you can match up with your look.

Not only that, you can even add your own wallpapers if you didn’t like the pre-loaded ones.

That definitely gives it a subtle look and looks very much polished.

You will definitely enjoy it.

Integrated Messengers

Opera has made sure to make it more of like Multi-tasker as well so that everyone will at least have a look at their new Opera GX.

Opera GX Video Pop Out
Opera GX Video Pop-Out

Having said that, Many famous messengers like Telegram, Whatsapp, Vkontakte, and Facebook messenger are integrated right into the sidebar so that it can be accessed from any tab. This makes sure that you can chat with your friends and family or with anyone at the same time while browsing or watching a youtube video.


Well if you love the picture-in-picture feature available in Android phones and wanted it to have in your Browser, Opera GX comes with it being on by default so that you can make Twitch or Youtube videos pop-out and watch them over any other tab or application.

Yes, the pop-out media will even work over other applications.

Built-in Ad Blocker

After all of this, you must be like it has everything but Brave browser lets me block the ads by default and conveniently.

And fortunately, Opera GX comes with an Ad Blocker too which can be enabled or disabled anytime and it works so fluidly that you won’t complain about it.

Well, you have got another reason to shift from your old browser.

Free in-built VPN

Ahem! There is an in-built VPN available for free so that you can access sites which have been blocked from your Country or can use it for any of your other concerned purposes.

There isn’t much to talk about it, but for sure this is literally insane.

Opera GX Ad Blocker
Opera GX Ad Blocker

Chrome Extensions Supported

Opera has made sure to leave you stunned, with a Support for Chrome Extensions, you can literally download and use any extension available for Chrome on your Opera GX browser.

So that you are not missing out anything once your shifts from chrome or any other Chromium-based browser.

Our Opinions

Honestly, we don’t have any words left to appreciate Opera GX.

Its the fact that they have not left anything to care about.

The best part is that everything is cleanly managed and made available right in front of you without it looking bloated.

Here is the link to download Opera GX for yourself!

It will redirect you to their Website without any ad or malware in between!


So what do you think about the all-new Opera GX!
Lets us know your thoughts as well!


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