Why Motorola isn’t launching Good Smartphones? Next Micromax?

motorola smartphone

Motorola was always known for best phones out in their segment, but unfortunately, Motorola wasn’t able to continue this legacy.

While it was still good till early 2017, Their every phone was trash after that.

Moto G7 and G6 Series were even worse.

Now they are back with Moto One Vision which does offer unique features but doesn’t justify its price at all.

And after all of this, can we say that Motorola is dead? And is Moto next Micromax?
Let us find out in this article!

Technological Environment

Well, a big reason for Motorola being spoiled up is it being bought by Lenovo in 2014.

And the effect took place from Late 2017.

Lenovo bought Motorola Smartphone mobility sector from Google and did make it worse.

Moto being under Google made many amazing and killer smartphones like Moto G 1st and 2nd Gen.

Moto E was also ahead of its time!

As time passed, Moto started to lose its legacy with extremely priced Smartphones for what they offer!

Literally, a Phone priced at ₹16,999 and offering just an average camera with Snapdragon 632 in 2019?

At the same time, Xiaomi offers Redmi Note 7 Pro which comes with Snapdragon 675 and a lot better camera at just ₹13,999 which can be even grabbed for just ₹12,999 in upcoming sales!

So why would anyone buy Moto?

We completely understand that Moto G7 was meant to aim Offline Market, which is already conquered by Oppo and Vivo so obviously, there is no space for Motorola.

And If you recall, this was exactly what happened with Micromax, they continued to launch overpriced smartphones in the offline market and later lost against Xiaomi.

These days, Micromax might be Manufacturing some phones for the government and LG but their reputation among consumers is something that they won’t be able to bring back again.

Moto One Vision
Moto One Vision

OTA Updates

Updates also play an important role in order to establish in India.

Indian consumers expect Regular updates for a long period of time.

This was also the main reason behind the success of Xiaomi and OnePlus in India.

And talking about Micromax and Moto, forget about updates.

This also become a reason for the downfall of Lenovo in the Indian market.

Irregular and buggy updates made consumers shift from Lenovo to other brands.

But I guess Lenovo wasn’t able to understand this!

Or even if they did, they weren’t able to Fix it for their devices due to some weird reasons which we won’t be able to know.

So is there any solution?

Well, it takes a hell lot of hard work for each and every sector of company to establish as a Giant in any country.

And to establish in India as Smartphone brands, Regular stable updates with Better hardware than the competition is must have.

RealMe was able to figure it out and emerged as the fastest growing smartphone brand in India.

Even Samsung has started to figure this out and improved a lot with their upcoming smartphones designed especially for  India under the price tag of ₹20,000.

While their M series still not be recommendable, it way better than what was offered earlier by Samsung.

There are many brands in India which couldn’t figure it out earlier than Chinese Brands, and when they did, they were already out of the race.

Some brands like Onida, Lava, Micromax, and Spice can be used as examples.

And now it seems like Motorola might be joining this list too.

Stock Android
Stock Android

Just to clarify, I am not a hater of Motorola by any means and is just a person who loved Moto at some point in time.

I Really hope that they will understand it and will figure it out too at the same time.

Reducing the Profit margin is the first step in terms of that.

Xiaomi claims it to have just 5% Profit margin on their products.

While RealMe went with just 3% Profit margin on their products.

What we feel is that Motorola is already good in terms of their software that is Stock Android and all they have to improve is to boost their Hardware Game!

Hardware Game is the only reason for Immediate success of Pocophone F1 Globally.

So what do you think about Motorola?

Let us know your thoughts in the description box below!


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