How to add trusted face in smart lock? Android 10

android trusted face

Have you ever heard of Trusted Smart face unlock?

For all the people living under a rock, Trusted Smart face unlock was a feature available since 2014 in Android which could be used to unlock your phone using your front camera and scanning your face.

This feature was way ahead of its time as Face Unlock became more of the mainstream after the launch of iPhone X in 2017.

Most of the Android Smartphones these days, do have some sort of face unlock algorithms built-in.

But for Google, this is something unpopular and not widely used which is bitter truth.

Now, Unfortunately Google is removing the Trusted Face Unlock feature from all the Android versions regardless of the phone your own.

However, there is a trick to get it back or prevent it being removed from your phone.

As this feature is offered by Google Play Services, if you downgrade your Google Play Services version or just don’t update it, you will be able to enjoy it.

no trusted face unlock

That’s all good! But all those People who have updated their phone to Android 10 won’t be able to get it back as they cannot downgrade their Google Play services.


Well, you shouldn’t be! Just download this APK which we have mentioned below and you should be getting the face-unlock/trusted smart face unlock feature back to your Pixel Phone.


This Trusted Face App Link will Redirect you to a very renown APK Website known as ApkMirror

It is super easy, all you have to do is to download the install the above mentioned APK and BOOM!

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