How Long Can an Average Smartphone Last? 2019 Edition

smartphone durability

If you are reading this article, There are chances that you are looking to buy a new smartphone for a long period of time. Probably for 2-3 Years or even more.

But the main question that arises is that, can Smartphones last for such a long period of time without any issue?

And for your Ease, we will also be listing smartphones for every budget which can be the best option for you and we will also be updating the list regularly.

Well to answer that, we will divide smartphone into 5 Basis to know if they can survive and be used without any issues!

Before we further continue, 5 Basis are!

  • Build Quality
  • Processor
  • Community Development
  • Battery
  • Usage

Build Quality

Build quality plays a very important role in the life span of a smartphone.

A phone with Poor build quality won’t last long whereas a phone with excellent or even good build quality may easily be used for a Longer period of time.

For instance, people are still using OnePlus One these days which did had a lot better build quality despite being a Flagship killer of its own time.

Usually, Flagship Killers don’t have good build quality but it seems like the time has changed now.

Although one cannot judge build quality in a moment, to get an idea, any phone having Metal Build may last anytime much more than a phone with Glass back.

Glass is the only Thing you will find in a smartphone that shatters. And having it on both sides means that the chances of it being shattered after a drop are higher.

While Companies do claim Their Back Panel glasses to be protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, it will shatter and many people have experienced it.

So why do companies launch glass back phones?

Well, that’s a topic for another article, as of now we can only say that Flagship Premiuim Phones comes with Glass back to feature Wireless-Charging, and Mid-Range phones opt for the glass back just to give it a premium look.


Samsung Exynos Processor
Samsung Exynos Processor


A Processor plays the most important part in the functioning of the phone, and there is a specific reason for them being called Brain of a Smartphone.

Powerful processors ensure that you can anytime use them for a longer period of time but this doesn’t mean that phones with weaker processor won’t last long.

A phone with a Weaker processor like Mediatek 6737  will last long too but it is just the fact that it will be “Just Usable” and you will notice Lags while performing daily tasks too.

As per today’s Standards, Snapdragon 625 and 630 are weaker processors.

Snapdragon 660 and 675 are what considered midrange these days.

And Snapdragon 845, 855 are the most powerful ones out there.

Well-Known AOSP Custom Rom
Well-Known AOSP Custom Rom

Community Development

Community development plays a very important role in making users use their phone for a long period of time.

A phone with Huge or even an average Community development, can easily be used for at least 2-3 Years or even more if you don’t want the latest Hardware features.

Users are still using Redmi Note 3(2016), Oneplus One(2014) even today because of the fact that they had powerful enough processor and large community development.

Understand the harsh fact that after a Year or so, your phone slows down not because it has become obsolete, but because the company wants you to purchase a new one.

Companies do slow down their phones intentionally whenever a newer model comes to market.

How to solve this?

A phone with even an Average community development means that you can download Custom Roms for your device and make your phone not only fast and fluid but also increase battery life and make it run exactly like how it was used to when you purchased it.

Do note that Oppo, Vivo and Realme phones have no community development.

Xiaomi and OnePlus phones have decent community development.

So far, Poco has the largest Community development ever for an Android device.

Another thing to note is that, if your phone comes with Snapdragon Processor, there are chances that your phone might have some community development to get you a stable ROM.

Smartphone Battery
Smartphone Battery


RAM, Processor, Camera sensors, Screen usually last for a longer period of time on any phone. But a battery is the only component to degrade in a smartphone quickly.

A Battery may last 6 Months or a maximum of 1 year. This doesn’t mean your battery will die after that, it will only perform poorer.

Why does that happen?
Unfortunately, that too is a topic for another day.

As of now, you can check out this article.

If you are planning to use a phone for a longer period of time, aim for a phone with Large battery capacity.

These days, 4000mAh is becoming more of an industry standard, but you can even get 5000mAh battery phones in every budget category.

Like Asus Zenfone Max Pro 1 if you are under a budget of Rs 7999 and Asus Zenfone 6Z in case your budget is up to ₹35999.


Even after all of these, one cannot predict how long a smartphone will precisely last because of different Usage patterns.

Some users use the device roughly, like Charging phones too many times which isn’t bad at all but isn’t suggested if you are expecting it to last for a longer period of time.

Charging your phone twice a day is okay but anything above that needs to be reconsidered.

Using phones with a Cover and tempered glass on top can extend your phones life by a considerable amount of time.

So yep cases and tempered glasses are recommended.

Now we do understand the fact that cases make our phone bulky(we hate them too) but you can use a skin which not only protects your phone but also keeps the sleekness intact.

Skin Manufactures like Dbrand and Gadgets Shieldz provide the best quality smartphone skin one can ever get!

Bonus Tip

Here is a bonus tip from our side. Never buy the base(lowest) variant of a smartphone.

For Example, If a Phone is available in two variants of 3GB Ram and 4GB Ram. Buy the 4GB Ram Variant.

If you cannot afford it, look for another phone which you can buy, but never buy the base(lowest) variant.

They won’t last any longer.

If you are buying a New Flagship Phone, then it is fine to buy base variant.

But don’t go with them if the phone is priced under ₹30000.

Look for some other options.

Buying a top end variant means that it will last for a longer period of time and will perform better too than lower variants.

5,999Redmi 7A
7,999Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1
9,999Realme 3
11,999Redmi Note 7(Not Suggested)
15,999RealMe 3 Pro
19,999Redmi K20
24,999Poco F1
29,999Redmi K20 Pro
34,999Asus Zenfone 6Z
39,999OnePlus 7
49,999OnePlus 7 Pro
59,999Samsung S10
69,999Samsung Galaxy Note 10

So How Long do you use a smartphone on an Average?

Let us know in the comment section below!


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