July 24, 2024

Cool Ways to Play Puzzle Games

Puzzles are a great choice if you are looking for a fun way of killing time after a long day. You will enjoy solving a puzzle as you sip your coffee. However, playing puzzle games, in the same way, each time can become monotonous and eventually boring to the gamer. Here are some unique and cool ways you can play puzzle games.

Speed Puzzle    

Start puzzling at high speed as soon as you set the timer. It is usually amusing as long as the gamers are up for a challenge. Making it a regular activity with your friends and family enhances the relationship among the people involved.

Puzzle Scavenger Hunt

Scramble to put the pieces together with your friends after hiding the pieces of chunky puzzles around the place. This activity is usually more fun, especially when the gamers incorporate chunky puzzles in the puzzle competition. To review letters, numbers, animals, and more, it is advisable to shout your new find each time.

Number Train Puzzle and Counting Activity

Extend the gaming and learning by taking a number train puzzle. You have first to assemble the puzzle then add a box of the loose sections. These could be mini animals, pennies, shells, gems, or whatever else you might decide to use. Count out the items of the number on the cargo for each number on the train puzzle.

Holiday Card Puzzle Activity

Using greeting cards or old postcards is another fun way to do puzzles. You can use this activity to sharpen your scissor cutting skills too.

Outdoor Puzzle Race

Puzzle games do not necessarily have to be an indoor activity. An outdoor puzzle race is a fun way to take the fun of puzzles outside. You can trace a few household items to create a simple puzzle on cardstock. Have your fellow gamer race to the puzzle base to place the item on the puzzle after selecting one item from the bucket of puzzles.

Sensory Puzzle Hunt

Select your favorite or least favorite puzzle and place them into a sensory bin. Your tea time and reading will expand before you. Some of the sensory bin fillers you might consider incorporating into this game include water beads, grass or leaves, pasta, quinoa, sand, torn-up tissue paper, or corks.

Printable Numbers and Letter Puzzles

There is a wide range of printable sets of free printable letter and number puzzles that you could easily access and print. By playing these puzzles, you get a clear understanding of how letters or numbers are formed.  To help you get a deeper understanding of this, each piece has an image connected to the letter or number.

Popsicle Stick Puzzle 2.0

Learn how to do durable puzzles that can be used in a Quiet Time bin for independent gaming. Whether the gamer is more comfortable placing the numbers or creating the image, these puzzles can guide the gamer to be aware when something is off since the puzzles are self-correcting. This increases the gamer’s independence and builds their confidence.