Call of Duty Mobile Available to Download for Android and iOS!

call of duty mobile game

After a long time to wait, Call of Duty Mobile is finally available to download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Now that the stable version can be downloaded on both Android and iOS Phones, does Call of Duty Mobile worth the hype it is getting?

Offering Multiplayer Modes like Deathmatch and Battle royale makes it to compete directly against the PUBG Mobile which was launched in early 2018 and is the most famous battle royale game especially among teenagers as of now.

Call of Duty Mobile is heavily inspired by Call of Duty franchise available for PC and gaming consoles. Though, the Mobile version doesn’t pack any storyline to follow and is just a multiplayer game like PUBGM.

Call of Duty Mobile offers an upgraded Graphics from any other Multiplayer game available for smartphone these days.

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And overall provides a completely unique experience.

Not only that, developers had also made sure to Optimise this game enough unlike the PUBG Mobile which is known for tonnes of Bugs and poor optimization.

Overall, the game feels unique and is definitely better than PUBG Mobile.

Call of duty mobile latest version

How to Download Call of duty mobile game?

Call of duty mobile latest version can be very easily downloaded from Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Or you can also download Call of Duty Mobile apk from here.

Unfortunately, the game support Flagship phones and certain mid-range phones only as of now. Although the developers claims to extend the compatibility and support for other entry-level smartphones too.

You can anytime watch this video in case if you are having issues installing Call of Duty Mobile on your phone.

Call of Duty Mobile Game Emulator

Call of Duty developers have confirmed that an emulator will be out for Windows-based laptops and computers too which will enable users to play the exact Call of Duty Mobile Game on PC.

Playing the exact game on PC will be a different level experience. Thanks to the ability to have a Wider Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse.

In Order to play Call of Duty Mobile on your laptop or computer, you will have to install Gameloop Emulator and add call of duty to it.

There are various tutorials available online on YouTube to do so.

Now I don’t know the magic behind this, but Call of Duty Mobile on Emulator is even playable on laptops having Intel UHD 620 (Kaby Lake) which is surprising as Intel UHD 620 is one of the least powerful integrated GPUs out there.

And still, the game was playable on it giving an average of 40fps on the lowest settings possible with depth-of-field disabled.

One thing to note is that, don’t play Battle Royale as we felt it to be unoptimized and the experience wasn’t good at all even on Flagship phones.

So just stick to the Multiplayer deathmatch and you will have a great time enjoying it.


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